Thursday, August 19

Second Time

Animal concurred his shyness in his first swimming class but his teacher and I felt a second round at level 1 was necessary. He wasn't solid on most of the basic skills. When I took him to his first class this session I was in shock. Who was this boy in the water? He had no fear. He was following every direction. He was a leader! I was so proud of him. Another Mom actually came up to me and said how impressed she was and could not believe he was so little and swam so well. Talk about pride...! Parenting has its perks.

Waiting on the stairs for his class to start.

Hi mom, am I doing awesome?

Yes, he is in the water swimming to his teacher. All by himself!

Jumping in has been his hardest step but I can honestly say I think he has concurred this fear as well.

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  1. I'm impressed! I want video of him swimming now! :-)