Wednesday, August 18

Glow Chucks

The day our A/C was repaired Q-tip had a glow in the dark nunchuck seminar. I was so stressed by 730 PM I felt like kicking the A/C guys out and telling them to come back the next day. All day those men were going in and out of the house. All day I was stuck downstairs in my 108+ degree living room trying to stay busy. I was so ready for them to leave so that I could shower and get Q-tip to his class. Yes a shower WAS necessary. We made it thankfully and only about 10 minutes late.

Q-tip spinning his yellow chuck.

Lots of spinning chucks in lots of different colors. It was very neat.

So serious.


  1. I'm so glad the a/c is finally fixed and that you made it to the event!

    The pictures of them spinning the nunchucks are so stinking cool! The last picture cracks me up! Serious indeed!