Sunday, August 29

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Its hard to believe that summer vacation is over. Has it really been 3 months?! That is amazing. We immersed ourselves in the lazy days of summer. We were sleeping in late, staying up late, watching movies, playing games and enjoying little to no obligation. Oh the joys of summer holiday. Sadly (and a little happily) that time has come to an end. We must begin to wake up at a reasonable hour, shower and dress for a day of learning and activity. This year not only will Q-tip be expanding his knowledge but Animal will be doing so 2 times a week as well. I am so excited for them both. Its hard to say that my little boy is now a 3rd grader or that my baby is now in preschool. Life goes on, we grow and age.

We attended both of the boys pre-school meetings. Q-tips teacher looks quite nice. Lets hope she has a good schedule and class structure Q-tip can grow and thrive in. Animals parent meeting was just teachers to meet or classroom to explore. It was not what I was hoping for but the information was ok. The curriculum sounds good on paper and I only hope it goes as planned. It will be interesting to see how my little sponge picks up on the classroom information. It makes me giggle just thinking of the things he will say and do. Those teachers have no idea what they are in for.

I find my life runs a lot smoother with schedules and lists. I need to have something to follow or I will stray so easily. I created our after school schedule for the boys to see and it looks pretty straight forward. If all goes well things should be low stress. Having a day by day plan also allows me to stay busy and forget that we are starting a new venture without J around to join us. This is hard and I try not to think about it much. When he comes home we will have so many things to show him that's for sure.

I took the boys for haircuts and school lunch shopping. It was a mad house out there. Everyone had the same idea I think. The haircut shop was buzzing and the store was insanity. I was amazed at the amount of people picking up school supplies. Really, the day before school? That just doesn't seem logical. That said I was in search of a drink and snack combo for Animal. I don't think he needs an actual lunch box but a reusable water bottle was my goal. The one I grabbed will have to do for now, he is happy and that is all that really matters.

Now lets get this day over and tomorrow under way. I'm ready...I think.


  1. Awwwww Don't you hate and love how fast they grow?! Every year it amazes me! They will have a great year!!!

  2. U are so prepared...I'm prepared but not to the extent of having an after school schedule, I do believe this will become a great importance when D leaves and I start working part time. Animal is going to love preschool, I'm sure of it. He's gonna soak it all up!