Monday, August 30

3rd Grade

Our evening schedule went very well last night and I look forward to sticking to it again this evening. I was a tad bit behind on dinner but the boys and I were still able to do an evening walk with S'mores. That dog is all about walking. I cant say he is much of a leash rule follower and I am thinking I need to pick him up a little harness instead of using his collar. I swear he spends the first 10 minutes attempting to drag me and choking the crud out of himself. He is so determined to keep up with his boys.

This morning I was shocked to wake up at 630 on my own. I'm not sure how my body did it. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to wake up before 8 with little progress. I set the alarm for 730 this morning and didn't even need it. So strange! Q-tip woke up with his alarm and went straight into doing his morning list. He picked out what he wanted to wear from his new school clothes and was great at sticking to the task at hand. As many issues as we had with the list last year I am impressed with his focus now. Its amazing what a few months will do.

After doing his morning reading we took a few first day photos and headed to school. Q-tip is so grown up he asked that I only drop him off. His excitement was over flowing, he didn't even wait for me to get to the actual drop off zone. I hope he has a GREAT first day in his new class.

This is the excitement I'm talking about. He was so ready for school to start up again.

Out he goes. Grabbing his backpack FULL of school supplies and his lunch.

So big. Off to his first day of 3rd grade!

After taking Q-tip to school Animal and I came home to get ready for swim. I tried so hard to convince Animal to follow his teachers directions. I was sure we had come to an agreement but sadly he was not interested all that much. I don't know what it is with this teacher but he does not trust her. He refuses to swim out to her or jump off the wall to her. I just don't get it. When there is a life guard near instructing him he is a lot more willing to follow their instruction. Even if its the same thing his teacher had said. frustrating. Please say he clicks with his preschool teachers a lot faster and easier.


  1. Awww So big! He looks so handsome and grown up! The second picture looks SO much like J!!! Can you believe your kids are growing so fast?!?!

    Sorry about Animal. All I can say is that these experiences are going to do wonders for him starting kindergarten! Without the struggles of swim class (hopefully not preschool too!), he would have an even harder time going to kinder all day. Positive thoughts!!! :-)

  2. He's so cute, and so grown! They Grow so fast! A is trying to hard to get me to allow her to go to the bus stop by herself, etc...Ummm not yet...LOL

  3. Natalie says, "We're both in third grade and I can see his braces like mine!"