Tuesday, August 31

The Wheels On The Bus

Today was the second day of school and Q-tips first time riding the afternoon bus. I picked him up EVERYDAY last year. I had the schedule and walked to the stop about 10 minutes early. Animal found a little boy to play with while I melted in the 93 degree relentless sun. 30 minutes later the bus stopped and Q-tip did NOT get off. I was determined not to panic and called the school. They asked for his teachers name, his name and then put me on hold. 10 minutes later as I was pacing up and down the street watching every bus and car pass I see a bus turn on its flashers. Off comes Q-tip a bit frazzled but in one piece and home. Relief! I spent the next 5 minutes drilling him on what the heck happened, this is his story:

He got on the correct bus. The bus has two stops (not known to me or him). He got off at the first stop. The bus drove off and he realized that I was not there. He wasn't sure where he was and started yelling and trying to flag down another bus. The first bus didn't notice him but the second one did. It pulled over and he asked if they had a phone. When they said no he asked if they could take him to his bus stop. He climbed on the bus and they drove him home.

I have to admit that I am very proud of Q-tips quick thinking. To flag down a bus for help was a good idea. When I asked what he would have done had there not been any buses he said "cross the street and figure out where I was. Then walk home." Thankfully he was not that far away and could have done just that but it wouldn't have been as quick and I probably would have been a lot more worried. As it is I could use a LARGE bottle of wine or a very stiff drink.


  1. That is one smart boy! But it certainly gives me the chills just reading bout it. It is very scary when your child doesn't get off the bus. I'm sure he won't make that mistake again! yes, Wine, lots of wine sounds good...

  2. OMG! That is crazy! I am so glad though he did the right thing and was so level headed about it. Poor him and poor you! I guess lesson learned! You really did need wine after that, I am sure!!!

    PS-I have trouble leaving you comments lately.