Friday, September 3


This day has been anticipated for some time. Last year I looked into preschools in our area only to find the reasonably priced ones were not actually preschools. I think the kids should already be potty trained and an all day ie 12 hour option only proves that its a day care. And don't even get me started on the smell. Day cares have a very "unique" smell. No preschool should smell like that! The preschools that were actually preschools had the cost equivalent to a second mortgage. It was insanity! I held little hope for this year being any different but then I received an email from the YMCA. The program seemed just what I was looking for, the hours were good and the was fabulous! I couldn't wait to get J's opinion.

In the end we chose the 2 days a week option which fits well with his 2 days of swim class. I could have thrown in that 3rd day of preschool but I honestly wasn't ready and at the time I wasn't sure Animal was either. For weeks I have been trying to get him excited about school and for weeks he has not been OK with the idea. He would wake up at night crying that he was going to "miss me at class". With our issues in swim and his inability to connect with his new instructor the outlook was glum. I was very worried to say the least. But low and behold he proved me wrong AGAIN. That boy knows how to keep me guessing.

While Q-tip was getting ready for school Animal was doing the same. He wanted to eat breakfast with his brother and dress too. I held him off by saying that he needed a shower first but that didn't stop him from setting out his shoes. Nearly and hour and a half before it was time to go he wanted to really get ready. He was so excited!

I asked him where he wanted his first day of school pictures and he said "outside like Q-tip". He is dancing...I asked him to do a cool pose like Q-tip always wants to do. This is what I got. Too funny!

I wasn't sure what to do with his hair. Every time I take him in for a trim I feel like they just hack at it and he walks out looking like the flowbee kid. Or maybe that was the kid that didn't use the flowbee. That said I decided to brush his hair forward. When he saw himself in the mirror he said "I look like Zack". I had no idea who he was referring to so he said "Zack, from Suite Life on Deck". That was just too funny!

Wearing his backpack...he was so ready!

Waiting in line for class he talked to a little boy who was just as talkative as he was. I thought it was cute how the little boy introduced himself and then proceeded to spell his name. Animal does that most of the time as well although not today.

After saying hello to his teachers and putting his backpack away he looked at me and said "this is the best class EVER!". I was seriously happy and reassured that this was a good thing. Preschool, my baby is growing up.

We had about 5 minutes together to walk around and explore his new area. There were so many things to see. The dress up area is HUGE and full of all kinds of neat outfits for the kids' imaginations to run wild.

Animal found this puzzle on top of a shelf with more puzzles and games. He thought the magnets were interesting. A puzzle with magnets...not something I would have thought of but so practical for keeping those little pieces together.

There were a whole bunch of different bins with toys here. I could tell that Animal was never going to get bored in this classroom.

But then they called the kids to the rug and said it was time to leave. This was the part I was dreading most. Animal clung to me. He started crying, not much but a few tears rolled down his cheek. His teacher said I could sit with him for a minute. The children started passing around a puppet they used to introduce themselves. Animal thought it was interesting that there were two other kids in his class with his name. Parent fail for name originality on my part. It took about 5 minutes before I was able to pull myself away and slowly creep to the door. When I made a run for it Animal collapsed on the floor devastated. A teacher was right there to comfort him. I tried to keep an eye on him but decided it was best to let him be and go work out.

45 minutes later I passed the class again and he was happily playing with a few kids and his teacher in the dress up area. Yeah, he was happy. I went to the store to pick up some extra supplies Q-tips teacher requested and returned just as class was letting out.

Animal was all smiles. He was so happy. He went on and on about how fun it was and how great his class was. I took him to the jeep and gave him the new lunchbox I had picked up on clearance, that only made his day even better. Relief, pure relief!

At home he wanted to play with his new lunchbox and backpack.

Everything is ready for his next day of school.

After eating a snack he curled up and fell asleep for a few hours. He was so exhausted. On our way to school he was looking pretty tired and I knew he would be needing a nap. Thankfully he made it through the day without any issues. I'm not sure how we will do the nap schedule on school days but I don't see them disappearing completely right away.


  1. OMG! He is so stinking cute! And I love his shirt! It looks like he will do just fine! Devin will have is day soon! Our babies are not babies anymore! From your pics Animal looks like he has grown more!

  2. There are so many things I love about this post! His smile is beyond adorable! He is looking SO big! I am so happy it was a good day! Hope every day with you leaving goes better!

    BTW, very cool how there are tons of windows for you to check in on him!

  3. He is so big!! They grow up so fast! he is so adorable and hilarious! Looks like you found a great fit, and it gives you the chance to work out while he is there! WTG Momma!!