Thursday, August 26


During the busy week, what do you do to relax?

During the week both boys have an activity 2 times a week with a possible third day for Q-tip if we go to sparring class. With school starting soon I'm pretty sure every week will be a busy one. I try to follow the boys to bed in the evenings between 8 and 9. Depending on how tired I am I will watch a movie or read. Rarely am I exhausted enough to just fall asleep. Being a mum I find my brain can function a lot longer than my body.

During the day if I find some free time I like to blog. This blog has become a great way to keep so many people up to date on how things are going with me and the boys. Every once in a while I even mention J (mostly I feel its his job to inform whom he wants on his current circumstances). I'm not sure when I will find time to create another blog book but those are fabulous. The boys love them, I love them and so does J. Whenever I find a free moment I'm also checking FB for status updates and application items. No I'm not a farmer, I gave that up. But there are 2 other games as well as wordscrapper and family feud I enjoy mindlessly losing brain cells to.

I don't have many activities I do to relax. I do miss long baths with a book but neither of the tubs in this house are deep enough for soaking. Heck even Animal isn't impressed anymore. In Europe that was probably my top choice for relaxing and escaping the stresses of life.

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  1. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full with the boys' activities this year! I'm sure they will have a blast!

    I like my computer time, but I do notice I get tense or irritated after I spend more than 15-20 minutes on the computer. I am still a big reader whenever I get the chance. I think it should be really important for you to find something for just YOU to relax with. Maybe a 30 minute mommy time-out in your room with candles and a small lamp to read with? (I got myself a nerdy book light!) Some kind of crafting/sewing? A new Yoga Wii game to relax AND exercise? (I say this because I bought one last week...and have yet to use it) Anything for just you is better than nothing! :-)