Sunday, August 15

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I have loads of pictures to share since we have gotten our A/C working but have been avoiding blogging to see if my Chinese Spammers would go away. Its not working. I am changing settings (Thanks Elissa) to see if I can deter them. Fingers crossed!

To get my blogging back in progress here are party prep pictures from Animals 4th birthday.

I used Animals Monster Jam toy as a center piece on the table. It looked pretty cool!

Animals Monster Trucks were great decorations. He has quite a collection now.

Coloring the Monster Jam arena with me for the pin the truck on the arena game.

I taped our colored area to the door and printed up some popular monster trucks. Animal was very excited but surprised that it was a game and not for his actual monster trucks.

Hung and waiting for guests.

The dining room fully decorated for the party.

Animals new big boy bike! let's party!

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  1. Glad you were able to figure it out! I haven't had any of those, but am tempted to change my settings just in case!

    Looks like you went all out with the decorations! How fun!!! LOVE how you used the toys Animal already had to decorate! Wish we could have been there! :-)