Friday, July 30


We've spent a lot of time waiting lately but some waits are finally coming to an end. As I type this post the A/C is getting repaired. YEAH! I can not wait to crank that baby on and feel the cool breeze blowing through the WHOLE house. Life will be good. REAL good.

I just had my baby brother and his girl friend here for two days...his weekend. It was fun having him around for a bit. I sent them out on ventures to stay cool. I'm not honestly sure how much sleep they got with the heat. They were warned of the extreme temps of my house. Wednesday night I made a full dinner and we all sat at the table, something I haven't done with the boys since the A/C went out. I seriously enjoy having my baby brother around. He even spent a few hours playing video games with the boys. Something I don't do but they love and miss Daddy doing with them.

The next few days will be full of friends and fun. Friends that were stationed with us in Germany will be stopping by. I am so excited to see them! I'm sure their girls will be so much bigger than I remember. It has been over 4 years since we have seen each other. WOW! Their littlest was only a few months old when they PCS'd from Germany to Texas.

Animals 4th birthday is this weekend. I am very happy that we will have A/C and we can have a low key party at home. The kids can go wild playing while the adults get to drink and hanging out. I hope to get J on Skype to sing to Animal and so that he can see our guests as well as Animals new bike. He cant wait to ride his new bike. His BIG BOY bike! Yes y'all he knows what he's getting. I had to try him out on a few to know what size to purchase as well as the fact I take the boys EVERYWHERE with me these days. Although lets be honest...that hasn't really changed from before.

Lastly we have some more friends venturing to Vegas for a convention that we hope to cross paths with as well. So many people going through our doors, I LOVE it! It makes time go by quickly and keeps us all in good spirits. We love our family and friends.


  1. I am so super happy about your A/C! It is way too hot there not to have one! Make me wonder how the early pioneers and native Americans made it there?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of your boys and S'mores! Seriously, its a great pic!!!

    I'm sooo happy you are getting your a/c! Hope it is all installed and working fabulously by now.

    How fun to have so many people visiting! Wish I was one of them!

    And...Happy early birthday Animal!!!!!