Sunday, July 25

Time to Hermit

The A/C ordeal is still ongoing. Ive called 2 or 3 times this week to see if the parts have arrived but no such luck. I was even told yesterday that supply would be called and they would call me back. I didn't hold my breathe. Good thing cause I never got a call. We are officially at 2 weeks since the unit was looked at, not since it went out but since the tech said "I'll have it fixed in two weeks". Sure you will buddy. Sure you will.

Without A/C I have been making a point to get out of the house quite a bit. Very few if any of these things are free. Go figure. So the amount of money Ive been spending has been exceeding what we normally spend (with J home). Its time to hermit down, get a decent schedule back in place and stop filling my boredom with shopping. Of course I still want to do a few things with the boys the last month of summer but we will have to stick to a much firmer budget

Thankfully I bought this 49 cent slip n slide before my budget consciousness kicked in. Hahahaha! Target had some summer clearance items at 90% off. It was a great buy. The boys and I had so much fun and heck maybe today would be another great day for slip n slide action. I will try to remember to take my phone out of my pocket this time.

None of use could make it all the way down the 16 ft slide but it was awesome none the less. I blame that huge bump created by blue mats going over the cobblestone path. Which is quite painful to hit by the way.

Splashing at the end...he crawled the whole way for this.


  1. I can't imagine living in that heat for so long without a/c. You are one strong woman!

    The slip in slide seems like a perfect way to spend the afternoon! Makes it even better knowing it was 49 cents!

  2. On the great childhood memories of a slip and slide! Of course yours looks much better and at least you have a place to land! Great, cheap fun is usually the best! Good luck with the whole A/C thing, that totally stinks!!!