Friday, September 10

Another Week

Another week down. Preschool is going very well. Animal had shaved ice (banana) one day and played "with balls" in the gym on another. He's only gone 3 days and is already blowing me kisses at the door. What is up with that? I'm not sure if he is in that much of a hurry or just that cool. He does yell "MOMMY" and run to me for a huge hug after class. Ill take it!

Q-tip is doing well also. He enjoys specials and tells me about them each day. Yesterday he was doing a sunset painting in art. It sounded amazing. The time it takes to do his homework has improved with the setting of a timer. His teacher claimed it should only take about 30 minutes but Q-tip was topping out at 2 hours! Not cool. Our schedule does not allow for 2 hours of homework time. I cant say he is soaring ahead in reading and writing but when he speaks clearly, is focused and has confidence in his ability he does brilliant. If only he could keep that for longer than 5 minutes.

Our evening schedule is working very well. We haven't been on our neighborhood strolls this week but its not forgotten. I did put in an hour each day of preschool on the arc trainer which I have grown to love. I have been sticking to the hill interval setting which pushes me through the ski, glide and climb modes. I find that the first 15 minutes are the hardest (have to get past the initial thigh burning) and then its just making it through the climbs that I tend to use more arms than legs to power through. I love this workout though. On swim days I take Animal a bit early so we can swim together before class and then again after. We swam for over 90 minutes the other day which included him in a life vest doing laps in the big pool with me.

I haven't taken many photos at swim, school or Taekwondo. I am completely slacking. Just staying busy and going day by day.


  1. I'm always amazed at all you fit into your week. You are extremely scheduled and I'm sure it works wonders with the boys! I hope you put some time down for just you (in addition to the workout time)!