Thursday, September 16

Evening Stroll

On most days our evening schedule works out fabulous and we make it through everything in a timely fashion. Those days are great! The boys decide if they are going to walk, ride bikes or scooters around the neighborhood while I attempt to keep S'mores from choking himself to keep up. Which reminds me, maybe today would be a good day to look for that harness Ive been forgetting to purchase.

I'm amazed at how well we all sleep on nights that we take our walk. It is so much cooler in the evenings. Luckily its been cool in the mornings too so I am able to open the doors while we are all preparing for school. I didn't so much like when the house was closed up all day because it was 90 by 8 AM and still in the 100s at 9 PM. Summer in Vegas...Last week only hit the low 90s but this week we are back in the 100s again. I do see fall on the horizon and I look forward to having the doors and windows open all day and turning off the A/C completely.

More often than not Animal will choose to ride his bike.

Q-tip was walking on this day.


  1. An eveing stroll sounds like such a good idea. But after dinner all I can think oabout is bed. ANimal looks great on his bike!

  2. You are so good about doing family together things! I really need to do more things like that!

    If I had a sweet bike like that I would choose to ride it ALL the time! :-)