Friday, September 17

Family Reunion

For S'mores 1st birthday I thought it would be fun to have a play date with his puppy family. He has a brother and sister that still live with his mum and dad. I wasn't sure how S'mores would react to being around 4 dogs but assumed that since he did so well at my brothers he would be fine. Not so surprising it went really well.

S'mores spent quite a bit of time with his tail between his legs initially but it wasn't his house and his normal reaction to new people aka puppies. His parents didn't seem to care whether he was there or not. They are older and more calm. I look forward to the days when S'mores is calm, well kind of. His energy fits very well with the energy Animal has currently. His brother was probably the most friendly, I wouldn't necessarily say to S'mores specifically, Roscoe was sweet to EVERYONE! Donut was sweet to me and the boys but wasn't all that keen with having yet another male in her house. I could see her predicament, living in a house with 3 myself I feel very out numbered most of the time. Girl power! I thought it was hilarious that she would chase S'mores down and he would freeze. As if being super still would confuse her and she would walk away. When that strategy didn't work he would slowly sulk away. Super hilarious and entertaining. It was adorable seeing all the puppies together and I was reassured that S'mores isn't as tiny as I thought. He has grown quite a bit and fit in well with the rest of his puppy family.


Rosco and Donut

Donut, her coloring is very similar to S'mores but a bit lighter.

Sam, S'mores Dad.

Rosco on the chair again. This cracked me up. Thats one way to get someones attention.

S'mores, Donut and Rosco at my feet.

S'mores jumping for my attention or maybe he wanted me to throw the ball again.

Pebbles, S'mores Mum.


  1. AWWW! Too sweet! They are all so cute!

  2. How fun!

    Happy (late) Birthday S'Mores!

    Can you believe you've had him so long already? His mom has beautiful coloring too! I'm really digging the dapple!