Monday, September 27

Military Mondays-Dont Do It!

I came across an article at that I thought was rather entertaining. Most of these things I can totally agree with. My favorites:

Don't whistle while you pack. Your whole spiel about two weeks of training in Key West being "such a drag" and "full of boring meetings" means nothing at all when you whistle "Cheeseburger in Paradise" as you pack your suitcase.

Don't call home drunk. There are two rules when calling home from port calls or other R&Rs overseas: use the first phone you see before you have the second drink. Get this backwards in any way ("use the fifth phone I see after leaving the first bar of the night") and you might as well not call.

Don't look horrified if we talk to the Captain's wife at dinner. Just because you have a rank and a boss doesn't mean that we do, too. (If you only knew what some of the wives — yes, even the Captain's wife — already know about you!)

Don't invite over the guys without warning us first. Nothing spells "no sex for you" like coming home from work with five extra guys who will put their feet up on the coffee table and hog the television with ESPN all night.

Don't bring home trashy lingerie. When selecting gifts to bring home from deployment, think jewelry, not "what all the hookers in Paris are wearing," "cheap rugs," or "beer mug from my favorite bar in Spain".


  1. hahahahaha I LOVE it! especially the second one...well the first one is pretty good too...wait I like them all! :-) If only they could understand WHY they shouldn't do these things! haha