Tuesday, September 28

Stepping Back

So last week Q-tip was grounded for his "lost notes" from his teacher which resulted in a call home. I was not pleased and tried various means of getting that point across. Ultimately none of these strategies worked because Sunday while preparing breakfast I started asking Q-tip how excited he was to no longer be grounded Monday. He could come home from school and play with all his toys again. His response "did you see my calendar?" Oh no! Well that was the straw that broke the camels back. All week I had been reminding him to behave at school and all week he said he was; only to find out that all week he was not. I added another 2 weeks to his grounding for the 2 days that behavior was marked on his calendar, which encompasses the unsigned calendar and missed homework assignments. It was a VERY rough week for him.

I was extremely hurt by his week of lying, I was frustrated that I was unable to get through to him about his behavior, I was ashamed that he disregarded another students feelings and actually went as far as pushing someone and elbowing someone. This is not my son! My son is a sweet boy who loves his little brother as well as the rest of his family. Hes the little boy who does his chores and homework not always the first time or super quick but well and proper most of the time. He is my baby! It really shocked me I guess because I pretty much melted at that point in a puddle of tears. I had no idea what to do. I love my children so much and only want the very best for them. I questioned if I had failed him!

I ended up calling a very close friend (my go to girl for talking things through) and then my brother for a much needed break. I am so thankful for all the support they as well as many others gave me that day. It was a pretty rough one at the beginning. After a few hours break and a good night sleep (and lots of know who you are) I am ok again. Q-tip is still grounded but I'm quite certain that he too is feeling the stress of Daddy being gone. Summer was a time of lazy days and fun. Lots of fun! Now with school back in he is feeling the need for bike rides, hikes and movie dates with his Dad. A break from the week of working, studying and being constantly structured. He wants him home so badly. I know this and hope that the time left fly's by.

We are doing our best to deal with it a day at a time and I really do hope this week proves to be a lot better one for all of us.


  1. We all need support during these deployments. Iam so glad you have people to turn too. These days I wished I lived on base, as I know no helpful people here anymore.

  2. Oh sweetie you can call me if you ever need anything too!! I have gone through this with Caleb! His thing is talking in class....grrr! He doesn't like being grounded and if that doesn't affect him like I think it should I pile on the chores oh and I make him write at least 20 times I will not talk in class or what ever it was he got in trouble for that usually does a number on him! I'm sure his acting out does have something to do with J being gone. That is hard on the little guys but you have to have a talk with him and let him know that Daddy would be very disappointed in this behavior. Also make sure he isn't being bullied. Sometimes kids will act out because they are being picked on. Good luck with it dear and if you ever need anything I'm just a phone call away! I can come down and watch the boys or take you away for a girls night!! Anything....just name it!