Tuesday, October 26

Boo Shirts

Over the summer I tried to take the kids to a few different Michael's craft days. They had a lot of fun every time. Since school started our schedule has been quite busy and I haven't thought to check what projects have been happening. After making the Lowe's bats Q-tip said we should see what Michael's had going on. After a quick web search we were on our way. These shirts looked so fun and cute. I helped Animal and Q-tip made his all on his own. I think his pumpkin is super cute.

The boys upside down hand prints made little ghosts. I loved this idea.

We will be returning at least one more time before Halloween to do another craft, next time it will be a Halloween treat bag.

1 comment:

  1. I think Animal will be wearing his shirt for a few years! :-) They both did a great job!