Monday, October 25

Lowe's Flapping Bat

Lowe's has projects monthly for kids to do free. I have been wanting to do this with the boys but forget. When I saw the sign for the flapping bats while getting the supplies for the tub faucet change I made sure I put it on the calendar. I'm really glad I did.

Finished bat #1

Finished bat #2

The boys had so much fun with this project I signed them up for both of next months creations. They were out of aprons but the boys got the patches for this project to hopefully add next time they have aprons in. This was a great way to start off our Halloween fun.


  1. This is such a stinking cool idea!!! I really need to see if ours has this!

  2. Totally just signed up for the periscope!! Do you think Ethan is too old for these?