Saturday, October 16

Farmers Market

I honestly wish I would have taken pictures although to be honest the market was quite small. A few tents with jewelry, an animal accessories tent, some home made soaps and lotions as well as food/drink vendors. My favorite were the delicious strawberries the boys picked out. They are so yummy. This particular vendor was also selling avocados although I did not purchase any (should I have Nicole, are they delicious?) There was a particular vendor that had such a huge variety of fruits and vegetables I was quite pleased. Sure the number of vendors was low but this one made up for all that. I was very reserved only purchasing a few fruits Q-tip requested, I now wish I would have picked up some veggies as well. All the fruits are so yummy. I plan on going back next month. I hope they have just as much.

One thing I did consider signing up for was Winder Farms delivery. I'm not sure its cost effective for us but their root beer milk is delicious! I remember last year at Q-tips fall festival there was a booth set up for this as well and I was interested. Maybe one day I might actually decide.

So yeah this week did go rather well. Q-tip came home with a clean calendar all week, excluding that X-NN (no name on a paper but I looked past this, he fixed the problem). This was the first weekend in about a month that the little guy has not been grounded. I was/am so proud of him. He has enjoyed playing with toys, his brother, watching movies and TV as well as just being free to have fun again. No more endless hours on his bed staring at the walls. I know he knows how to be good and am so happy he is back to his happy self. Yeah!

I'm thinking of taking the boys to a pumpkin patch this weekend but I'm not fully decided. I need some energy and dinner before I can decide.


  1. Do they only have the farmers market once a month? So glad they had good produce! I keep wanting to go to ours, but never end up doing it! I think you have motivated me to go though! :-)

    I'm SO SO SO happy Q-Tip had a good week! I don't think "no name on paper" should count against him! Seriously?! He's in third grade!

    I hope you went to the pumpkin patch!!! Such a perfect fall thing to do!

  2. I didn't know there was a farmers market here. Geeze you sure do know a lot more about Vegas than I do lol! And I also want to take the boys to a pumpkin patch...I've never been to one! And yay for Sam!! Caleb is the same way we have issues with him behaving in class sometimes too.

  3. These Avocados are better than the ones I usually get in the store! I think next month though I will check with the bigger tent of fruits and veggies first since I wasn't too impressed with the vendor and his money skills lol.