Monday, October 11

Are They Finished Yet?

Its been a long couple days. Early mornings, waiting, dust, people and still the job goes on. Friday the dry wallers returned, the inspector came by (although I had left the airmen to keep an eye out while I took the boys for breakfast, he said there was nothing to report he check off the permit so the job was good), and then the holes were patched and textured. Since there were only 2 guys I sent the airmen away just after noon. Long weekend for him I assume. The rest of the project is just me and the boys but no big deal its only a few people here and there not 6+ guys all over everywhere.

Saturday I woke up at 6 AM so that I would be ready for the painters by 7. I waited. And waited. And waited some more. A little after 9 I was called and asked if I still wanted them to come. Well duh! I was told they would be here at 2. So I waited some more. Talked to J's sister and finally at 330 they arrive. They were able to paint all the walls but did not bring enough paint for the dining/kitchen ceiling and said they would return Monday.

Sunday was a laid back day of relaxing (no people coming and going), cleaning and putting back some of the items that were displaced for the replumb. Plus of course, I did some catching up on sleep. We also got the items we needed for this weeks menu. I'm venturing away from the crock pot for a bit and pulled out my reliable Pampered Chef cookbooks.

Today the painters are finishing up the ceiling. I hope to have my washer and dishwasher put back in place. I also hope that the inspector fixes the huge dent in my dryer and the squashed hoses for the dishwasher. Everything is suppose to go back to the condition it was prior to this project so in my opinion both of those things are their responsibility. Ugh just two more things I'm stressing over lately.

I am also trying another technique with Q-tip. This week I am using incentives to get him to behave proper at school. He misses his Dad so much and is beginning to feel that since he is in trouble anyway whats another week of grounding. Who cares if he is naughty if it doesn't change anything. Poor kid, I feel so bad for him. I really hope he is able to cheer up when J returns. I am happy to say that the thought of TV, games and video game time with me seems to give him major incentive to do well. I sure hope so. This consistent misbehaving is wearing me very thin.

Here's to a good week for Q-tip and a finished replumb project. I could really use both right now!


  1. There is so much I can say about this post! First of all, I'm glad you had someone there to help out with so many people coming in and out of the house. Not being able to keep an eye on everything by myself would drive me nuts! I hope they came on time today and were able to finish the paint! Sorry that it has been such a pain in the butt, but I'm glad you got it all fixed and its done!!!

    I really really hope the incentives work well for Q-Tip! Its hard to know what to do, you have tried all kinds of things, and I think you're an amazing mom!

  2. Oh Honey! So much stress going on. Sending big hugs to you. You will get through this. I hope Qtip works hard for you and bucks up and behaves. It's hard to be tough on them when we know why they are behaving the way they are. You're doing a good job beautiful! Keep it up! He will return soon! Love you!