Thursday, October 7

The Past Two Days

So yesterday evening I took the boys to our first deployment dinner. I guess its a monthly thing that either I am not paying attention to in emails or have never heard about. Either way on Tuesday I received my first contact from the squadron in 4 months and was invited to this dinner. The boys had an amazing time. Eating at the mess hall isn't 4 star food but it was good. We were surrounded by people asking how we were and if there was anything we needed help with.

To be honest I feel I am pretty self sufficient but the upcoming replumbing project had me very nervous and stressed. I mentioned this to one person and they then made a few calls to a few people and BAM I had an airmen scheduled to hang out at the house with me while people were tearing up the house. I'm sure it was a false sense of security but it made me feel a bit better to have someone in uniform around as well as an extra set of eyes. He came in most handy by allowing me the opportunity to take Animal to preschool and feel like I wasn't just abandoning the house and all its occupants.

The replumbing went well. It was actually pretty quick. Within only a few hours the water was turned back on and all the "bad" connections/piping was replaced with plastic tubing that is guaranteed for 25 years. This is good I think.

In the process of covering everything with plastic, cutting holes everywhere and changing out the pipes an issue was brought to my attention. The on and off valves on both the upstairs bathrooms were leaking water into the wall. Thankfully this is and easy fix with a bit of DAP and a new spicket. I have that on my to do list tomorrow with help from my brother.

I am thankful this project is no cost to us and is a major improvement to our home. Seeing some of the build up in the areas of pipe they removed was amazing. It seems that when our home was build the connections that were used have a high amount of a particular metal that attracts minerals or what not in the infamous hard water of Las Vegas. Simply put it is like clogged arteries. With the changing out of these clogged areas we now have equivalent hot and cold water pressure. This is fabulous. I am interested in seeing (after I fix the leaks) how well the boys shower now works. The pressure in that shower was rather non existent.

Tomorrow our day will start at 7 AM again with the dry wallers returning to put in wood so that after the Las Vegas inspector approves the job will allow them to put the dry wall back up. I believe they will also be taping, texturing and painting. But that might be Monday. I am so confused and overwhelmed with information lately.

I'm going to go find some dinner and escape my little plastic bubble.

Plastic is covering everything that the plumbers did not need access to. Which means the whole downstairs excluding the living room area.

The downstairs bathroom is completely out of commission.

The new tubing. Red is for hot water, white is for the cold.

As much of the old pipes were taken out as possible and then filled with foam to seal them up to avoid bugs from finding homes in them.

Huge junction of tubing for upstairs bathrooms.

My next project. Seal and replace.

That one small slit gives me access to the only non plastic area down stairs. Upstairs thankfully both boys rooms are plastic free as well as a large portion of the master. We can still sleep in our beds just not eat or drink. And we can access both upstairs toilets just not use the showers/tubs.


  1. I completely forgot you were in Vegas! I'm glad that they are fixing the issue and its awesome how so many are willing to step up to be there for you! I look forward to this when I get married :D

  2. Thats awesome they stepped up and gave you some help. I'm sure that was some relief for you. You are doing an awesome job with this deployment and I hope the next time I go through one I can keep my cool as well you do ;).

  3. Wow that is just crazy!! Why did they have to put all that plastic up?

  4. I think you will need a vacation when J gets back!!