Thursday, December 23

Christmas Decorating

Last year my sister posted pictures of my mum decorating the Christmas tree with my two nephews. I thought it was very cute. I mentioned to my mum that I would love for the boys to have that experience as well so we both agreed that we needed to find time to put up the tree and decorate while she was visiting. Luckily I am a huge advocate of decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving (trying to enjoy that stuff as long as I can before having to pack it up for another 11 months). The boys loved decorating the tree and having Christmas decorations helps me get in the holiday spirit. Although I'm slacking on most of that this year still.

The tree is to get some ornaments out.

We started with all the boys ornaments.

Q-tip has an amazing collection of Grinch ornaments from his Great Grandpa that he loves to put up and we all enjoy seeing. Considering that is one of Animals FAVORITE movies he liked saying "I saw that on TV" and would tell us how the scene played out.

My mum putting up some of the ornaments she has purchased me over the years.

After the ornaments comes the star. Animal being the youngest usually gets this privilege.

We acquired this star from our neighbors in Germany after purchasing this tree. I love the star so much I do not see myself ever replacing it. It is a lovely reminder of the great friends we have made over the years. Thank you Mrs Daisy!

Lit, decorated and topped. Adorable!

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care...and the watchful eye of S'mores. He LOVES sleeping right next to the fire. The warmest place in the house.

We still have the first tree J and I bought together in Oklahoma over 10 years ago. It adds a bit of Christmas charm to the dining room.

J and Q-tip also put up outdoor lights this year. I am so thankful I had no part in that. They look great! Festive and full of holiday charm. Now bring on those presents.


  1. I am all for decorating early. Last year we had our tree up before Thanksgiving for Bill before he left. I love your tree with the white lights. Our tree just has colored lights for Chloe and Bill. I'm so picking up one after X-mas with white lights for next year!

  2. Wonderful pictures!!! I love that the boys were able to share that experience with your mom! Two more days until Christmas!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful! Your mom looks great by the way! Merry Christmas my dear friend! XO