Friday, December 24

Santa Clause aka Dada HoHo

Back in the day (about 2 years ago), Animal called Santa "Dada HoHo". It was cute and sweet although he does not remember or call him this now. Ugh, they grow up so fast.

On an impromptu trip to the BX we came across Santa in a sleigh next to the Christmas decorations. The schedule said he wasn't scheduled to be there until later that week but heck, we weren't going to complain. Both the boys took their turn sitting with him and proclaiming their one Christmas item wish.

Animal said he wanted a remote control dinosaur.

Q-tip wanted a full Kung Zhu set.

Will Santa pull through. Will he give the boys just what they wanted again this year...close I think. I swear this gets harder and harder to fulfill each year.


  1. Merry Christmas Eve!!!

    So glad they were able to put their request in early, plenty of time to find the perfect gift!? :-)

  2. BTW, Dada HoHo is just about the cutest thing EVER!