Wednesday, December 15

Level 3 Swimming

Animal has progressed so much in swimming. Its hard for me to think that he is the same kid that refused to jump in the water or melted into a puddle of tears when asked to swim past the 3 foot depth (just 3 months ago). He LOVES swimming and does so well. He can now swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, some sidestroke and also an interesting dolphin/mermaid move. And he just reminded me that he can float on his back, dive and do canon balls! These last being very important skills. As expressed by Animal.

Animals third swim instructor whom he adores very much.

I am so proud of him. There are days that he says he doesnt want to go to swimming but when we get there he has a blast and then refuses to leave the pool. Silly kid!


  1. Yay for swimming!!!! Oh and I love your background!! So pretty and festive ;).