Tuesday, December 21


This was the first Thanksgiving I have spent with my mum since I was a teen. It was very cool to share with her the recipes I have picked up over the years and let her see some of the traditions we have acquired. She made homemade pumpkin pie and assisted with some of the sides but for the most part she was here on holiday and I did the majority of the cooking. My brother and I worked together to try and recreate the dressing he made last year. I think he did a lot better on his own. J and my brother fried 2 turkeys (an extra just in case they messed up the first), their first. They turned out amazing! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving spent together with family. I hope that one day we are close enough to family to have everyone come to our house for a large, traditional, Normal Rockwell Thanksgiving. Wishful thinking...I know.

J and Broski putting together the turkey frier. My brother is not a fan of my picture taking and was "nicely" suggesting I leave the garage.

The igniter for the flame. A very important part of the fryer.

This was suppose to be the only picture I was to take on Thanksgiving, hence the pose. They both should know me well enough that one picture would not suffice for the whole day. Thanks though, I do like this one.

The table set for dinner.

Attending to the first frying turkey.

Verifying the internal temp.

The fried birds turned out fabulous. We had so much meat though.

The boys kept themselves entertained most of the day playing games in the loft.

Q-tip made the ambrosia salad for the second year, with a little help from Grandma and his Uncle.

Sometimes he smiles but only when he isn't expecting me to catch him with the camera.

Q-tips place at the table.

Finger foods and desserts.

Serving drinks, dinner is just about ready.

S'mores got a GIGANTIC bone that he devoured in two days. Finally a bone he doesn't eat in minutes.

Q-tip talking to family.

J carving the turkey for our feast.

Happy and ready to eat.

Dishing up.


During dinner we were having phone wars...we were trying to catch each other eating. It was very entertaining.

Broski and my boys. These two love their uncle.

J and I. Happy to be together for Thanksgiving. I am so happy he made it home for the holidays.

Like a G6!

After dinner J, Browski and I enjoyed a few drinks and chatted while my mum was entertained or ignoring us. I'm not sure which.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am so happy to be able to spend it with family. I do hope that one day we will be able to spend it with everyone at the same time.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! It is funny frying turkeys has become soooo big! I had one all my life and never gave it much thought on the fact it was unknown to the rest of the world!