Friday, December 17

Welcome Home

Q-tip adding words to his welcome home sign.

Animals sign. He chose the words and I created it for him.

Q-tips finished sign ready to take to the airport to pick up Daddy.

My sign waiting for the final call saying "I am arriving on this day at this time". When I got the call the numbers were 5 months, 0 weeks and 3 days since we had seen J.

At the airport waiting for Daddy.

He's just a little excited to see his Daddy again.

As soon as he saw his Daddy he ran to hug him!

And then Animal joined in.

Animal making sure Daddy saw his sign.

My boys!

Animal and his Daddy. Check out J's "awesome" deployment mustach e-o...BLAH! I am not a fan of the deployment stach.

Not only was my brother awesome enough to drive me and the boys to the airport, he also helped J by lugging his HUGE bags out of the airport. And they were far from light.

Its crazy to think that J has been home for over a month now. The time went by so fast. I think for the most part things have just gone back to "normal". As if we were never apart. This is good. There was one week of stress but ultimately we all have those. Its good to have him home.


  1. Ok I shedded a few tears looking through your pics. I'm gonna blame it on the hormones today ;). But I have been waiting anxiously to see your homecoming pics. So glad things are back to normal for you guys!!!!

  2. Those signs are awesome! =)

  3. I know he's been home for a while, and I saw some of these pics on Facebook, but I still got teary eyed. Glad he's home!

    There is nothing better than a reunion!