Saturday, December 18


The boys had so much fun making the Lowe's Flapping Bat that I have continued to sign them up for the Build and Grow Workshops. Just after J's return they made a periscope. They were very excited to have Daddy help and see what great builders they are.

Q-tip needs very little assistance with these projects.

Its so neat to see him work through the pieces and create an object.

Animal needs a lot more assistance and sometimes just wants to watch you do all the work. Hammering isn't so easy for his little 4 year old hands.

He tries though and has a fun time doing it. He also really likes the finished projects.

Periscope project: check


  1. I always wish I can go and take the classes offered at Lowes. I might need to rent a kid for the day! ;)

  2. I'm so glad you told me about these! Such an easy and fun thing to do together as a family! I think Q-Tip and Ethan's skill levels are about the same! Natalie isn't far behind, but she gets frustrated and asks for help often.

    BTW, Animal's hair is the BEST!!!

    (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!)