Thursday, November 12

Wish List

What do you do to avoid housework? Well I have a tendency to go searching on the net for our next house project. One of the projects I would love to do is our kitchen. I want to tile the kitchen floor and add an island (where Animal's toy kitchen currently resides). I was looking at islands today and fell in love with this one.

The top is the same color as our dining furniture but the base is a bold black. I think it would make quite the statement next to our wine red cupboards. I like the detail on the drawers as well and the drop in granite cutting surface.

The storage would be lovely because believe it or not I do not feel I have enough cupboard space. This probably has more to do with my lack of organization than the actual amount of space we have in our kitchen. A good system would be very beneficial in there.

The drawers are lined with velvet (as if that matters) and come with more organization tools. One drawer has a knife holder, another has a cubical divider and the last has a removable silverware divider. I like the spice shelves on the sides and towel rack. Adorable!
The opposite side of the island has a place for two stools, the boys would LOVE this. Heck I would love this. I think it would be very functional and would come in handy for this Thanksgiving. Wishful thinking at its fullest.

I'm not a huge fan of the stools that are shown with the island but these simpler ones are perfect. Even J likes them. Okay, maybe he said they would be a better choice the to ones shown. Same difference to me.

Obviously this is a project for much further down the road but a girl can dream, right? And wouldn't it look lovely with a lighted pan rack or a small double fan (I cant find an example of the one I like at the hardware store anywhere).One day, one day...


  1. That is gorgeous. I have been wanting to get an Island for our kitchen too. Sounds like it would be perfect in yours. Hope you get it ;)

  2. Is the "simple" stool from Target? Cuz if it is we have it :) I really like them too.

  3. I dream of house projects, but then quickly realize they will probably never happen!!! haha

    I LOVE the island and I like your choice of stools MUCH more! I hope you are able to get it or something similar someday! It would be a great place for Q-Tip to do homework while you're making dinner, or for the boys to learn how to cook!!! VERY important!

  4. I happen to like the stools shown with the island ,very pretty