Saturday, June 19

Keeping Them Busy

After making the duct tape wallets at the craft store I let the kids each pick out an item from the dollar bins to do at home. The boys both chose wooden models while my niece chose a canvas to paint. Yesterday afternoon between swimming at the Y and Q-tips Taekwondo graduation we all sat down to do our projects.

Q-tip worked diligently on his little airplane while lil chica painted. The projects kept the kids busy for over an hour! Yeah for $1 projects that take time and focus.

This was one of my favorite pictures of lil chica. She was so focused and towards the end I showed her how mixing different colors gave her even more colors to paint with. It was so much fun. I think I want to pick up a little canvas on our next craft day.

Q-tip did so well with his first model. He plans on adding some detail this afternoon. I have a feeling he will be picking out another one of these next time.


  1. I LOVE that pic of her! So cute!!

    I'm amazed at all you are doing with them! Simple things, but time consuming! I know this will be a trip she will never forget!

  2. Great ideas for summer. I so need to get on that! I have been slacking with video games being the big part of the boys day. Must look into creative things!