Monday, June 21

Military Mondays-Stages of Deployment

Deployments are never easy but understanding what you are going through and being able to rationalize those feelings can help. Hoorah 4 Health has quite a bit of information on deployment and military life. Here are the 5 stages of Deployment:
  • Pre-deployment:
    Anticipation of loss vs. denial
    Train-up/long hours away
    Getting affairs in order
    Mental/physical distance

    Time frame: variable

  • Deployment:
    Mixed emotions/relief
    Numb, sad, alone
    Sleep difficulty
    Security issues

    Time frame: first month

  • Sustainment:
    New routines established
    New sources of support
    Feel more in control
    Confidence ("I can do this")

    Time frame: months two thru five

  • Re-deployment:
    Anticipation of homecoming
    Burst of energy/"nesting"
    Difficulty making decisions

    Time frame: months five thru six

  • Post-deployment:
    Honeymoon period
    Loss of independence
    Need for "own" space
    Renegotiating routines
    Reintegrating into Family

    Time frame: three to six months after deployment

Knowing ahead of time the emotions you and your family will encounter can make the deployment more bearable. Keep in mind that you are not the first to experience these feelings or the only one currently experiencing them. You are not alone! Talk, write, email, blog, or even cry. Do whatever you need to keep yourself sane.

I highly suggest reading the full article that includes how to cope with these feelings. As well as situations you may encounter or have encountered. Click here for full article. Oh and always remember to breathe.


  1. Wow, this is fabulous! Interesting to see a time frame on it all. I wonder if it is the same for the one staying and the one deploying?

    I feel like we go through those emotions EVERY time Roby leaves...good to know its normal. I just wish it wasn't so frequent.

  2. Very good. I am so not looking forward to mu 6 months alone again.