Friday, June 18

Summer Guest

On Wednesday my niece arrived for the summer. It is so much fun having another little person for the boys to play with. And so much different having a girl! She is super respectful and sweet. I have not had the privilege to spend much time with any of my nieces and nephews with our previous assignments so I am cherishing every minute I can now.

Considering our regular schedule summertime has allowed us to slow down a bit. We try to go to the Y 3-5 times a week to swim and workout. We also have Taekwondo 3 times a week and swimming lessons starting at the end of June. There are a few obligations but we still have time to throw in free craft days at Michael's and maybe even free movies at Regal. And without fail we are writing J, doing worksheets and reading for the library summer reading program. Hmmm I could have sworn I said a "slower summer schedule", when its written out it kind of looks a little crazy. That's okay, it is super fun.

Yesterday was a swimming day. Animal wore his life vest and clung to the floating dumbbell for life for the first 30 minutes. He ditched the dumbbell for my hands the next 15 and then wanted to be left alone the last 15. He has adjusted to the water being in his face and knows how to spit it out when it goes in his mouth. He is my little fish! I was beyond impressed at how far he came in 60 minutes. Seeing him float and swim around the pool was so cool. Q-tip, well that's a different story. He does not know how to swim and was frustrated that his cousin of the same age did. He got annoyed after about 20 minutes in the pool and chose to sit on the side and watch us play. We tried to convince him many times to come back in but he refused. He became the photographer after a while but not for long as it seems cameras are not allowed in the pool area. That was absolute rubbish! I plan on working with Q-tip more the next time we go swimming now that I know Animal is so independent. As for my niece, she can rock the pool! We were having races and she actually wants to go lap swimming with me on one of my workout days.

Last night was Q-tips last Taekwondo class before graduation. He is very excited and has even asked his cousin to tie on his next belt. This is a special task and he is always super excited about who he chooses. That special person is usually very honored as well. His cousin is no different. She cant wait!

After Taekwondo I took the kids to Michael's to make duct tape wallets. I had no idea there were so many colors of duct tape or that people made things out of it. Like dude you can make clothes and stuff. Its CRAZY! It was an interesting craft and the kids seemed to have fun. I couldn't believe how many people were there, this was the 3rd craft we did this summer and the most busy.

Today we have quite a bit on the schedule again but hope to throw in some Wii. Its been quite a while since we turned it on and the kids are all excited to do some Wii Fit. We are so go, go, go. I need some down time yo!


  1. I'm so happy you're having a good time with your niece!!!

    I'm amazed at how busy you are! I plan to do NOTHING while I'm on break! ;-)

    Congrats Animal on his super swimming skills! BTW is it just me or is that pool kinda small?

  2. That pool is smaller. It is the "therapy pool". Its smaller and always warm. Animal likes warm. Oh and it also only gets about 4 1/2 feet deep.