Monday, September 20

Military Mondays-Flat Brat

Ive been brainstorming ways for the boys to stay in contact with J. Not just letters but creative ways that can be entertaining and fun. I had thought that creating their own version of Flat Stanley would be fun and then I came across Flat Brat (not that I'm a fan of "military brat" but it works). This is just too cute! Not only is this adorable for deployments but fun to send to family and friends.

Q-tip coloring his flat brat for daddy.

Animal coloring his flat brat.

I printed Q-tips flat brat a little bigger than Animals because he is older. It was very cute and the boys liked that one was big and one was small.


  1. You always find the best songs. I love that one, I think I'll have to download it for sure.

    You are also a genius when it comes to finding ways to keep the boys connected with J. I hope they all appreciate all the work you do!

    BTW, I love Animal's hair! :-)

  2. That is so cute!! I have never heard of that but it's such a good idea!