Saturday, September 18

Splash Park

It seems I haven't been on top of postings recently because I came across the splash park pictures I took before school stared and realized I hadn't posted them yet. So here we go, free water fun that is perfect on a hot Las Vegas summer day.

The water guns were a huge hit with the boys.

Much cooler. It was over 107 on this particular day.

In the "kid wash"


  1. They had the same thing at Eglin! It is a great way to beat the heat! Looks like the boys had a blast! Hope you got in too!

  2. LOVE these pics! It looks just like our Splash Park, except you have a playground right next to yours!

    Looks like they had a blast!

  3. I soooo wish we had one of these here! I think it would be fabulous! I don't understand why we don't have them here! Seems silly to me!