Saturday, October 30

Carving Pumpkins

As soon as I had picked up Q-tip from his club and brought him home the pumpkin carving began. The boys were so excited.

Being the sharing sister I am I let Broski and the boys do all the pumpkin gut cleaning, while I went in search on the internet for a skeleton template for Animals pumpkin.

Animal is quite good at sharing too. After one hand inserted into that gooey squashy mess he decided to let his Uncle do all the cleaning.

Q-tip was quite a bit more hands on.

I cant say this was Broski's favorite part but he was an awesome sport. Notice how enthused he looks and how encouraging Animal is. Talking his Uncle through.

He was willing to feel around for any stray bits after it was all cleaned out.

Q-tip did get some help as well.

Animal and I went in cahoots to work on his pumpkin. After printing up a photo I used the punching holes technique to create the image on the pumpkin.

Q-tip and Broski had a better stencil I printed and they went for the cutting out and tracing technique. Q-tip is holding the image I used as a stencil for Animals pumpkin.

Animal would cut a little although I did most of the carving. He liked to get the cut out bits from inside the pumpkin.

Working together on the carving.

The finished projects: A reaper and a skeleton.


  1. Pumpkin carving is such an odd, yet fun tradition! I kept laughing at all the pics of Animal and your brother! So glad he was able to hang out and help get all the guts out!!

  2. AWESOME! I love how your Bro has his tongue sticking out while focusing on his work! LOL

  3. Looks like you all had a blast! And you did just as good as I did on the pics lol! I'm not in a single one of ours either haha!

  4. Thanks for all the great photos. I'm glad your brother was able to help the boys out. The pumpkins turned out wonderful. Love you all! -J

  5. Hi I am a new follower to your blog! Your pumpkins turned out amazing!! I am looking forward to reading more about you and your family. Feel free to check out my blog too : )