Monday, December 13

Longest Lapse

I'm not sure Ive ever taken such a long hiatus from blogging. Especially at this time of year when so many things are happening that I want to remember and document for the boys. I am now in a dilemma of where to start...I am thinking I should just go with the Halloween, Homecoming and Thanksgiving pictures because of their importance. Yeah lets put aside all this Christmas cheer for a bit to go back to HALLOWEEN. It wasn't that long ago, was it?

Animal in his pumpkin costume, heading to his first school Halloween party.

After the morning routine the class walked around the offices and trick-or-treated. The kids were very excited and had so much fun.

Animal has a LOT of kids in his class!

This Halloween party had so many treats and snacks. I can only assume that some of these little people were bouncing off the walls. While I was observing from outside the class I watched one little boy walk up to the table of everything and eat the frosting off 4 cupcakes in a row. He never touched the actual cupcake but enjoyed the frosting and candy treat on top. There were so many crackers, cookies, cakes, candies, drinks and treats to choose from.

Animal taking another look at the snacks selection. I believe he just opted for a glass of juice this go around.

All the cute little ones dressed in their costumes!

The last part of the party was a dance party. Here is Animal dancing with one of his teachers.

Checking out his loot.

So many treats to enjoy and its not even Halloween yet!

The worst part about blogging after the fact (way after the fact) is not remembering everything in detail. This is also why I haven't scrapbooked in so long. I have the worst memory in the world.

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  1. So fun to see the pictures! Even if its after a while and you don't remember everything! I know that anyone looking enjoys any post thoroughly!

    Looks like he had a sugar filled fun time! They all look adorable!