Thursday, October 6

New Beginnings

Today is our last day in Las Vegas. I am excited, the boys are excited and so are family and friends. This is a good thing. This is a fresh start. All that said why am I nervous? I know we have tons of support here and there, I am so thankful for everyone that is supporting me. I guess maybe its all that lies ahead. The unknown, the dreams that are so attainable and within reach. I am going for my dreams. I am going to make choices that are for me and the boys. We will do brilliant. Flourish and thrive in an environment full of love and support.

The past few weeks have been spent wrapping things up here. I could not thank Jamaya enough for all that she has done for me and the boys. I will miss her tremendously. The boys will miss her tremendously. We may be moving close to family but we will be leaving behind some as well. For a while anyway, I am certain there are many adventures for all of us ahead.

So for now I will just leave it at this. A road trip is ahead and none of us can wait!


  1. Don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams and the boys dreams. I know you are going to ROCK this new chapter in your life and I look forward to seeing and hearing all about it ;)

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the boys!! We will miss you but wish you the best in life! You all deserve it! Good bye my first Vegas friend. Keep in touch!