Friday, October 28

Settling In

We've been here a few weeks and I feel like we are finally settling in well. The first couple days/weeks were a little crazy but now I think I have it figured out. The boys love their school (also super crazy experience with no availability for kinder and changing schools after one day) and are making friends. Animal says he even has a "girlfriend" although the extent of that is very vague. J has been here for over a week and picking up the boys from school in the afternoons. Last weekend he took them to his Aunt/Cousins house and a pumpkin patch with his mum. They had a great time. I am not sure what they are doing this weekend but I hope that it gives them lots of good memories to look back on. I'm not sure when they will see their dad again.

I feel like a resident and at home here. Not just because I grew up here but because I have registered my car, gotten a new cell, license and of course the apartment. I want to take pictures but there are still a few things to put up and I was hoping to have it completely done before I did that. I guess in all honesty it doesn't really matter. Last weekend I did a major push to unpack and hang things on the walls. The boys room was done for them when they returned home Sunday evening and Animal thought it was fabulous. Q-tip was a bit more reserved in his reaction about the whole thing but seems to be enjoying playing Pokemon again and with his little brother and toys. They get along really well and I am happy to report that currently the shared room is going very well. I bought them some bunk beds at IKEA so that they each have their own space and put their name signs next to their beds. Animal REALLY liked that.

I think my favorite part so far about the apartment is being able to cook meals again and eating at the table as a family. I have made quite a few different meals and even been able to stretch them to more meals. For instance last week I made some BBQ pulled pork and then the following day Cowboy Quasadillas. J's mum came for dinner the first night and some friends the second. Yeah me! Two meals and they both tasted awesome. I also bought a waffle maker and have enjoyed making the boys waffles for breakfast. I seriously love waffles. Ive never been much of a pancake fan but waffles, they are a total winner. And french toast of course. Now to get a rice cooker. Ive made a few meals that go with rice and every time I am not impressed with how it turns out. A cooker is just so easy and right every time. No more mushy rice for me.

I have started looking into school and hope to have more solid information when I return with my transcripts. When I originally went in there I was told I would have to request them but was pleasantly surprised to find a copy in the envelope with my associates. SCORE! If I can not get into the program I was intending straight away I will look into other schools and other programs or get some sort of job to keep me busy until then. Next week should give me more information to work with.

Things here are going well. I am beyond happy and pleased. I am smiling constantly! Life is good and for once I fully believe that.

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  1. Blogger needs a big LIKE button!!!!!! I'm so happy that things are going well for you up there. You definitely deserve it!!!!!!!!