Wednesday, December 7

Holiday Season

I'm kind of surprised how fast this year has flown by. I know, we all say that right. There have been so many changes over the past few months its like a blur at times. But here we are in December. Enjoying the cold, the festivities and attempting to make some fabulous memories.

Last weekend I took the boys to the Victorian Christmas Market which reminded me so much of the Christmas bazaars in Germany although much larger. I didn't have any intentions of purchasing anything I just wanted to see what was available. In the end I didn't buy anything more than some kettle corn for the boys and drinks. It is amazing the amount of random rubbish people will buy simply because they feel the obligation to give someone a present this time of year. The boys did also ride on the carousel as well as get their photo with Santa. Animal told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Q-tip said he didn't know. I guess this year he is leaving it up to the big guy to surprise him...or something. My whole reason for going to the market was to see Gloriana live. The line started forming more than an hour before the performance and I was amazed at how long it got. We decided to walk around and come back after everyone had sat down to see what kind of seats were available and enjoy the market a bit more. 20 minutes in we returned to find loads of seating and sat to enjoy a few songs. The boys did great and fell right asleep when we got home.

Sunday morning I decided to take Q-tip out for some "no little brothers allowed" time. We had breakfast and did a little Christmas shopping. He did really well shopping for Animal and I think he has finally hit an age where he fully understands what others would like and not just what he would like. I am excited for Animal to open the gifts from his brother and even more excited to take Animal out this weekend to shop for Q-tip. Little peoples minds are amazing things!

I am happy to say that I am registered for winter quarter and going to an orientation for the Medical Laboratory program next week. I can not wait to get back in school. I'm a little nervous to be honest but all in all totally looking forward to it. Chemistry here I come.

The weather here has gotten a lot colder but nothing a few layers cant control. Although before long I know we will have snow and I am NOT looking forward to that. I do not like to drive in it or go in it. Look at it, sure that's lovely. But I'll pass on the rest.

St. Nikolaus came for the boys the night of the 5th. They love the wooden boats and have eaten almost all of their chocolate. I love this tradition and am happy to do it every year. The boys were very curious where the apple went that they left for his donkey and so I told them that either it was very hungry after its long journey or maybe St. Nikolaus took it for later. They were okay with that.

The boys have been enjoying their advent calendars daily. Q-tip has a Star Wars LEGO calendar and Animal has a Playmobil Santa's Post Office. The little toys are neat and I am glad I was able to find them something they had not had before. As well as get each of them their own. Traditions are wonderful things. Happy Holidays!

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