Tuesday, May 1

Six Months

The boys and I have been living here for six months...really?! Its amazing how fast the time has gone by. We have a routine and way of life that is seriously working. Minimal stress being my favorite part. And bring on the marble reward system, a total win! The boys have a variety of chores that are shared by all of us and will earn them a marble. Each week we count the marbles to see how many the boys have accumulated. There are levels that keep the boys interested and excited but the big incentive is a prize of their choice. Currently Animal is working for a go kart day and Q-tip a Minecraft membership. Yeah for team work!

The holidays were lovely, the boys were spoiled as usual. 2012 is in full swing which means we made it through our first winter. It wasn't that bad really. There was only a week that the snow was annoying but the boys and I had most of those days off of school. Score, snow days baby! Metalman even had some time off to play in the snow with us! Over the past month the weather has gotten warmer and perfect for playing outside. Hello Spring, we love you. Q-tip turned 11 last month which included a visit from the boys dad after his 4 month deployment. It was a somewhat stressful week but only a week none the less. The good news is that the boys enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to their upcoming visit later this month. We also participated in an MS walk (2 miles) and a March of Dimes walk (6 miles). We have a Diabetes walk scheduled this month. Thank goodness for nice weather.

The school year is coming to an end quickly and before I know it summer will be here. The boys will be spending that time with their dad. So sad but so true. What shall I do with myself? Honestly I'm looking into a summer job to help out financially and keep me busy. I don't have any classes scheduled for the summer and I am a little excited about that. I'm pretty stoked about a summer with Metalman too. I see a lot of bike rides, hiking, and exploring in our future.

School has been going very well. I took Chemistry in the winter and finished with an A-. I was very disappointed to find that I was not able to get into the lab tech program this spring but am taking care of all the pre-requisites so that I can get right in next year. Currently I am taking A&P Biology, a fun but still time consuming class. Test today on bones and joints as a matter of fact. In the fall I will be taking calculus, I'm not sure what I think about that yet. Only time will tell.

Oh my I almost totally forgot to mention that in February we got S'mores back. Because of all the changes happening last fall we (or well I) chose to give S'mores back to our friend who then found him a new home. Sadly that home did not work and S'mores found his way back to his puppy family again. This gave me the opportunity to get him back if I so chose. I thought about it quite a bit and felt that it would be great for the boys, they missed him and talked about him all the time. All in all it was probably inevitable that S'mores would end up with us here and I could have saved us all a lot of heartache had I just brought him in the first place. Go figure...All that said, what an adjustment it has been. The boys love having him around and if it wasn't for his relapse in house training I wouldn't have a single complaint. OK his breathe is horrid but I am looking into that. That said he was doing really well potty training the first few weeks he was in the apartment and then digressed for some time and currently seems to be doing better again. We are not without puppy pads but I will take those over a wet spot on the carpet any day.

Our happy little family is doing brilliant I think: Metalman, Mommy the student, the gamer Q-tip, Animal with his endless energy and S'mores. Love it!

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