Tuesday, July 17

A Month Of Summer

The boys have been gone for almost a month. At times its hard to believe but yet there have been days or even weeks where the minutes slowly ticked by. Their time with their father hasn’t gone anything as predicted although I guess that depends on who was predicting. For the most part the boys have been extremely bored. Thankfully I and they have friends close that are there to feed and entertain them aka pick up the slack. Their father nor new (as of yesterday) step mum don’t seem to know how to do either. The boys only eat proper meals at their new grandparents house and friends houses. Seriously?! Metalman and I cook meals for the boys every night! Not to mention breakfast and lunch but that’s probably just stating the obvious. Its not that complicated and the boys enjoy cooking with us when given the opportunity. I do not want them to grow up and be unable to take care of themselves. It is not logical to have to depend on anyone to care for a grown, capable adult. The boys reading and writing is sporadic at best even if they both need this time to practice and improve for the upcoming school year. Sadly they are not even encouraged to keep proper hygiene in the triple digit weather they are experiencing. Then again seeing who is “in charge” I guess I should not be surprised. The only thing I can depend on them doing every week is going to church…no comment. Except I will say that forcing a child to attend Sunday school with threats is completely unacceptable or the fact that Q-tip does not feel welcomed also annoys me tremendously.

My previous neutrality has completely dissipated over the past few weeks about the new parent in my children’s lives. Although my reasoning seems extremely logical. I don’t care who the person is, 4 months driving experience is not appropriate for driving around minor passengers. A persons driving ability has always been a consideration before letting my children ride with someone but seeing is how they are with their father and his logic is that of a hormone crazed teenager these days he could care less who the boys ride with or stay with. Oh goodness…should I be blogging this frustrated? Honestly I don’t see my annoyance dissipating on this subject EVER. Carry on…Well Miss Step-Mum totaled a trailblazer with not only the boys but her under age friend as well. I was livid. The boys were "OK" thankfully. Animal had a small mark on his neck from the seat-belt and Q-tip had a sore throat and head ache for a little over 24 hours. Things happen, I get this but they are a little less likely when one has more experience than 4 months driving. The fact I had to demand that J take the boys to be seen by a doctor is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible parenting on his part. And lets not even get into the fact Animal is still riding around in the car seat from the accident that was already over 8 years old and not properly rated for his height or weight. It seems the safety of ones children has clauses when you’re a distracted father.

I am thankful to report that all of J’s family traveled for the wedding so the boys have been surrounded by family that love and care for them. I am very glad to hear this. I only wish the circumstances weren’t as they are. Now, today, my children have 3 parents. Although that’s only on paper because being a parent is more than a title! This concept disgusts me. When I first heard about J’s engagement I was thrilled, concerned yes but thrilled to have another person that could love and care for my children. Unfortunately my concerns were valid and a child should not raise another child. Can they? Sure. But I’m not sure in this situation the maturity is there to do so at the moment. Maybe one day. For the sake of the boys I really hope this is true for more than just their “step-mum”.

So with a month without the boys what have I done with my time…not much to be honest. I’ve read a couple books, slept a lot (its amazing how much time I have to try and fill without the boys, school or a job this summer) and spent a lot of time with Metalman. I quite love my time with Metalman. Its been different but very nice as well. Relaxing more often than not. I cant say I’ve done anything super productive although I do still have plans to landscape a small garden section by Metalman’s front walking path. We’ve talked about painting and even redoing some flooring in his house but mostly we are just throwing around ideas. Its summer and for the first time in a long time I can actually be lazy if I want to.

The weather has been phenomenal with sunshine and very little rain. Its perfect walking, hiking and bike riding weather but the ambition is non existent. Definitely by the time Metalman gets off of work we are both just like “dinner and chill“. We continuously throw out the suggestions for the weekends but find that sleeping in and the heat dissipates that ambition before it even matures into activity. I think the weekend we visited his cousin or picking up a Bountiful Basket have been our most productive weekend activities. That just sounds pathetic. Maybe this weekend…although I did take S’mores for a walk to the park yesterday. I even got some sun!

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