Tuesday, August 14

Two Weeks

Well summer is almost over. I spent none of it with the boys which is a little disheartening but I hope to make that up to them next week. Yes, the time is almost here and they will be home again. That's really exciting! We will have one week before school starts for them and I want to end summer with huge smiles on their faces. I dreaded having to spend the summer without them but have honestly enjoyed the quiet after some adjustment. I have loved the time I have had with Metalman. We've ventured on a few evening walks, explored some new bike trails/paths and had a lot of time to relax. It was a good summer. Maybe not as productive as we had imagined but productivity can be very overrated. And dude, ITS SUMMER!

This weekend Metalman set up the hammock and I think that is my new favorite spot to lay with him. Its been really warm the past few weeks and is only suppose to spike towards the weekend. The second time this summer it will be in the 90s! The hammock is the best place to snuggle with the heat. Even S'mores is all for it. Grilling is also perfect on hot summer days...Metalman picked up a charcoal grill recently and we grilled all last week. I personally gravitate toward gas but thought that the portability of a small charcoal grill would be beneficial. There may be a slight learning curve to using charcoal but we have made some very awesome burgers and brauts. Steak, well like I said, there's a learning curve. And honestly I have NEVER been good at grilling steak. I found my new favorite potato salad recipe too, Cajun potato salad. It is delicious! Metalman is also a huge fan. WIN!

I signed up for my fall class, pre-cal, yesterday and am really excited to get back to school. This will be the last class I have to complete before starting my medical lab tech program in the spring. I'm so ready to check another class off my list and get one step closer to my goal. My education goals are within reach! I am very amazed at how things have come together. How at one point in my life I never thought I would have a career. I settled into accepting that it was only a dream but now the dream is new and fresh and ACHIEVABLE. What am I saying, its not even a dream anymore but where I am headed. I'm extremely excited about that.

There have been a few changes put into progress recently that I am even more excited about. Things I have wished for but never honestly saw occurring. Now I can say that I see them happening. With a 1 year plan in place and a 4 year plan I see big changes in the future. Good changes! Vague is all I can give but know that they are some of the best changes yet. I am happy!

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